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Hunter’s favorite stops in THRILLEST Magazine

Write-up in Thrillist magazine on 11 of the Hunters’ favorite wing houses.


Wing Hunt gets 5 stars in EATER magazine

“A hugely enjoyable documentary.”

“Ken Kesey couldn’t have asked for a merrier band of pranksters.”

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INTERVIEW – Director Matt Reynolds on WNYR 98.5 Geneva

INTERVIEW – Director Matt Reynolds on Channel 4 Buffalo

Director Matt Reynolds promoting screenings at National Buffalo Wing Festival on Channel 4 in Buffalo, New York.

BUFFALO, NY (CW23) – Do you think you know where the best chickens wings are made?! Well after watching the new documentary “The Great Chicken Wing Hunt” you may have second thoughts! Lauren sat down with director Matt Reynolds and found out about the amazing story behind ” The Great Chicken Wing Hunt .” You can see the film for yourself at the Market Arcade Theater in Buffalo from now until September 5.

WING HUNT is “one of the bonafide best movies of the year” – FILMICABILITY


“The Great Chicken Wing Hunt is a movie about comradery. It is about passion, and a fine romance, and change. It is a road movie. And a cliffhanger… It has an underdog, suspense and surprises. It has fantastic music, and a camp of memorable characters. It’s about…truly philosophical discussion about the minutae of standards. And, ultimately, it’s about the establishment and recognition of the first and perhaps only de facto American food…And here’s the REALLY stupendous thing: Reynolds, who is a first-time filmmaker, uses his remarkable editorial abilities to transmit this multi-layered story in a manner of 70 short minutes.” ~Dean Treadway

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MOVIE GEEKS UNITED interviews Director Matt Reynolds

Atlanta Film Festival Preview: The Great Chicken Wing Hunt ’‘ Mara Davis

Interview Podcast

Atlanta Film Festival Preview: The Great Chicken Wing Hunt ’‘ Mara Davis.