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Manhattan Wing Hunt, film, covered by THE NEW YORKER

WING HUNT characters and fans of the film go on a mini Manhattan WING HUNT, covered by The New Yorker

WING HUNT now available on Hulu!

Watch here 

Director Reynolds answers tough questions from Buffalo DJs SHREDD AND RAGAN

Listen here 

WING HUNT on Australian TV

Director Matt Reynolds explains the basics of wings and the origins of the hunt on Australian TV. gives WING HUNT a B+ in this full review gives WING HUNT a B+ says it will “teach you lot about wings and a little about life.” Read review. 

(very happy to get a B+. FilmDrunk’s Mancini is a tough critic)

Wing Hunt ruffles feathers in Buffalo

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt is ruffling feathers in Buffalo. This article in the Buffalo news laments the fact that Buffalo did not make a good showing during the Hunt. 1. Warning: spoilers. 2. Is this even true? Two Buffalo restaurants finished in the top 10, from 72 bars and restaurants that were themselves the cream of the crop in their respective areas.

ALBANY Times Union writer says she learned the importance of wings in the American psyche thanks to WING HUNT

Albany Times Union writer Amy Bioncalli calls WING HUNT “obsessive, nutty…with messy mouthfuls of fun” and says thanks it to (and specifically cast member Maros Berak), “I now comprehend the significance of chicken-wingdom to the national psyche.”

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watching WING HUNT overseas

Overseas wing buffs! Here’s the skinny on watching The Great Chicken Wing Hunt:


WING HUNT is available on Itunes in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, or anywhere in the world, provided your Itunes ACCOUNT was set up in the US or one of the above countries. Thanks to WH fan Marc McStay (who watched this week in Kuala Lumpur) for clearing this up

SLASHFILMCAST calls WING HUNT “very entertaining” and recommends listeners check it out

Slashfilmcast Host David Chen calls The Great Chicken Wing Hunt “very entertaining”, with “really funny characters” and recommends listeners watch it on-demand in this week’s podcast.


The segment on WING HUNT runs from 6:18 to 13:00. Chen also breaks the news that he and WING HUNT Director Matt Reynolds may collaborate in some form to share filmmaking lessons Matt learned while making WING HUNT.

NEWSWEEK article, warning: spoilers

Article on WING HUNT in Newsweek. Warning: spoilers for both the film’s main plot (who wins the title of ‘world’s best wing chef’) and romantic subplot. Repeat: spoilers for the film’s main plot and romantic subplot.