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The 15-track album features the folk stylings of Wing-Hunter Al Caster, the garage pop rock of Ron Wieszczyk and the quirky modern sounds of the Slovak quartet Pozon Sentimental. For iTunes click here. To listen on YouTube click here.


Director Matt Reynolds discusses food, food movies and whether WING HUNT is a comedy (at 2:27:40) on the TRUE BROMANCE podcast.

WING HUNT wins ‘Best Feature’ at Chicago Food Film Festival

Full list of winners here

WING HUNT sparks debate on WTF podcast

Check out a spirited wing debate on last week’s WTF w/Marc Maron podcast. Marc and Food writer/podcaster Dan Pashman (who comes on at 5:45) discuss the role innovation plays in traditional foods like Philly cheesesteaks and Buffalo wings, with WING HUNT references at 17:30 and 23:00ish.

Dan was on the podcast promoting his awesome new book, EAT MORE BETTER.


Buffalo wing turns 50! Yahoo and Eater coverage

Happy B-day to the Buffalo wing! Learn about the history in this article, this video, and in this essay (page two

Manhattan Wing Hunt, film, covered by THE NEW YORKER

WING HUNT characters and fans of the film go on a mini Manhattan WING HUNT, covered by The New Yorker

WING HUNT now available on Hulu!

Watch here 

Director Reynolds answers tough questions from Buffalo DJs SHREDD AND RAGAN

Listen here 

WING HUNT on Australian TV

Director Matt Reynolds explains the basics of wings and the origins of the hunt on Australian TV. gives WING HUNT a B+ in this full review gives WING HUNT a B+ says it will “teach you lot about wings and a little about life.” Read review. 

(very happy to get a B+. FilmDrunk’s Mancini is a tough critic)